Your Outer Banks Beach Wedding at Sanderling Inn

outer banks beach wedding

Beautiful outer banks beach wedding surroundings, beautiful acoustic guitar music…

. . . family and friends, make the perfect setting to a wonderful beginning.

Sometimes the best way to see what you can expect in a beach wedding is just to see it!

Of course the surroundings embellish the music – while it may be difficult to hear out on the beach with the waves crashing.

But how do you know what you want until you see a picture?

The sky was perfect blue this fall day. The air was warm, but not hot. The crowd was quiet though excited.

And they all stood. Except for those few honorable family members that had front row seats sure to not miss a word, a facial expression, or ever a sigh, a laugh, or a picture.

The Sanderling is wonderful, sort of a yesteryear décor, but well done – and very comfortable. Lots of wood decking porch-work provide ample room for outdoor wedding set up. This is ideal if you want the ambience of the water but don’t want the sand and water being worn in your wedding.

Duck, NC is quite quaint. Lots of quirky shops form the downtown section. Heading North you find the resorts and lots of various accommodations for quests and family.

The Outer Banks has been rated as one of the best beaches in the continental US.

outer banks beach wedding

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