Outdoor Weddings - 3 Considerations

What makes outdoor weddings different?

The biggest thing that changes when you plan your wedding ceremony with live wedding music to take place outdoors is control. You lose control. But – that's not a bad thing provided you make a few adjustments. One adjustment has to do with the weather.

Do you have a backup plan – as in some place to move inside just in case rain or wind interrupts your plans? Can your guests be comfortable?

Sure, it's beautiful to be outdoors, but keep in mind there are often some unintended interruptions. If you're near water there can be boats and birds and planes advertising things that don't really compliment your wedding ceremony.

The ability to hear can be greatly hampered being outside. It may be all about you, but your family will most likely want to hear your vows and your “I do”. You'll want to make sure your wedding musician has this covered with adequate amplification – but don't forget those speaking. This sound issue becomes more important for those who suffer hearing impairment to begin with.

Why might you want an outdoor wedding?

There's nothing like a soft breeze in the bright sunlight and sharing that scene with the people you love. Having your wedding outdoors makes this possible.

It's like starring in your own personal movie where everything is perfect. An outdoor wedding evokes wonderful memories. It takes a little more effort, but the results are well worth it.

In a natural setting you can create an openness and informality that is harder to create indoors. And a chance to hear a familiar bridal chorus outside may make things feel more contemporary.

Where might you stage an outdoor wedding?

The beach is a popular place for a wedding outdoors. Public parks also provide a good setting and many have semi-private areas you can reserve for such an occasion.

Do you know someone with land, maybe a farmer or someone who lives outside the city limits? These spaces can be even better when you consider the additional cost savings.

After the ceremony, you can stick around for the reception and even an all-night camp out. Winchester VA is the perfect combination of convenience in a less hectic setting.

For your outdoor wedding, just follow these guidelines to get started and you'll be on your way to unforgettable memories of you wedding day.

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