Learn How to String A Guitar

How to string a guitar - How do I go about putting new strings on my guitar?

  1. Secure the string to the bridge of the guitar.
  2. With an acoustic guitar a peg has to be removed. This is so the old string can be removed and the new string can be inserted into the hole. Place the peg back into the hole to secure the string. You'll want to be careful removing the peg. Sometimes a soft cloth placed between pliers and the peg can help your grip and remove it without damage to the wood peg itself.

  3. guitar headstock

  4. Thread the string through the post hole mounted at the tuning key on the headstock of the guitar.
  5. Pull the string firmly to the right.
  6. Slightly turn the tuning key counterclockwise and lock the string to the right from where you started.
  7. Turn the tuning key counterclockwise to wrap the string around the post: three turns on the wrapped (low E, A, and D) strings; twice as many turns on the unwrapped (G, B, high E) strings.
  8. Stretch the string to increase stability.
  9. Tighten the string with the tuning key and tune it up to approximate pitch.
  10. Repeat procedure for all six strings of the guitar.
  11. Finish tuning your guitar with the A string pitched to A440.
  12. Using a pair of pliers or wire cutters, trim the excess down to less than one inch.

How To String a Guitar

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