Guitar Wedding Music should be your first choice

Here is why guitar wedding music should be first on your list of considerations when selecting your wedding ceremony music.

The guitar:

- has a timeless sound. I have observed generations of families putting aside their differences long enough to celebrate with bride and groom - all while providing the sound track of the moment – played on acoustic guitar. I'm not sure I can describe it, but there is something unifying about its sound.

- has a soothing sound. This is due to the musical beauty of arpeggios, or broken chords. While piano also produces this element, and though it is not unique to the guitar, the guitar makes it sound more like a caress to the ears rather than simply broken notes.

- is accessible to many styles of music. Pop, classical, Latin, folk, fingerstyle, whatever you can think of can be arranged to be played on its six strings. Change the tuning and include Celtic styles also.

- is portable and adaptable to any accompaniment request. You know from my writing I am pro-guitar. One of the reasons for this is having played piano and other larger instruments, guitar is the one instrument I just pick up and go. For a wedding, especially one where the setting may be impractical for large instruments, guitar wedding music offers the perfect combination of form and function.

- is a common musical instrument offering great value for your wedding budget. Compared to other musical instruments, many people play Guitar. In terms of supply and demand this is good for people who are minding their wedding budget. More people playing keeps the price reasonable compared to violinists, organists, string quartets and ensembles.

- compliments your natural outdoor theme being made of natural wood. Seems like this is the icing on the cake. With the green movement all the rage these days, here may be the best part. Unparalleled in keeping with your theme celebrating nature, the guitar is made of wood – what could be better!

guitar wedding music

wedding guitar music

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