Selecting Father Daughter Songs - Top 3 Memory Ideas

Brides-to-be, go ask your dad for some help. Father daughter songs - This is a dad’s dream job – remembering those precious times when just he and his little girl spent time together. It’s a good time to start looking through the photo old albums. Telling a bed time story may have been a special time for you and Dad. Was a song part of that time? Bingo, there’s a hook for your reception song.

  1. Major accomplishments

    Of course, by now, you’ve had several major accomplishments that may trigger some good memories of how dad was with you when the following events occurred:

    You learned to ride a bike

    Remember? Dad was huffing and puffing, holding the bike so you wouldn’t fall, sweating like crazy and just about the time you were ready to give up, he cheered you on, let go, and – you did it – your rode free, no training wheels!

    You lost a tooth

    You found a quarter under your pillow! Who put it there? Dad

    You got an"A" in school

    He was so proud of you, especially since he was always just an average student.

    Your First Date

    He was as nervous as you were – but for different reasons. Who was this boy? Did he have the slightest clue how to treat his priceless treasure?

    Your High School Prom

    Dad was the one with tears in his eyes as you walked down the stairs in your gown, anticipating your wedding day and wondering how he will cope.

  2. Performances

    Dance or Music Recitals

    All that hard work made you wonder if it would ever pay off – who knew it would help you plan your wedding?

    Part in Play

    Thespians everywhere have some of the greatest memories

  3. Sports

    Was it a home run or a goal in Soccer? Maybe there’s a victory song that would be perfect for you wedding reception father daughter dance.

Father Daughter Songs

Wedding Reception Songs - Father Daughter Songs