Electric Acoustic Guitar Amps – Top 3 Picks

Electric Acoustic Guitar Amps are the critical tool that helps the acoustic guitar musician. Playing acoustic guitar weddings outside is a common occurrence. It used to pretty difficult to make much sound outdoors, especially a good one. That's not the case any longer with a good amplifier. Each of these popular options can be purchased for less than 400 dollars.


Pick #1 - The Behringer Ultrasonic ACX1000

This is a reasonably priced acoustic guitar amplifier and an excellent value. One if its greatest features is microphone support for mixing your vocal separately. With digital effects it's now hard not to find something to capture the sound you seek.

Do you play with a band? This amp really cuts through without losing the sound of an acoustic guitar. I have been impressed with this characteristic when I use finger picking. With two feedback controls, pumping the volume has not been a problem.

If you sing the second channel provides great flexibility. XLR input, phantom power and separate effects lead you toward a good vocal mix.

Don't think you're missing out because the effects are digital. This amp contains a tube emulation circuit, specially developed for the ACX1000, featuring a warmth control that allows you to add tube-type harmonics at will. The effects extend to rotary speaker, stereo panning and other less common sounds.

I like the parallel tuner input. You don't have to switch plugs and fiddle with knobs in order to use it. Plus you can mute the amp when you tune, which is great for sounding professional. The most unique feature is the MIDI interface that allows remote effects selection and automation.


    - 2 x 60-Watt RMS stereo amp, two 8" high-resolution speakers plus special HF driver
    - Two channels with separate volume, 3-band EQ and two feedback filters
    - First-class mic preamp with balanced XLR input
    - Tube emulator adds warmth and presence to instruments and vocals
    - Stereo 24-bit multi-effects processor with 24 algorithms and 99 presets
    - Parallel tuner output plus adjustable, mutable stereo aux in, channel and master inserts, stereo tape I/O
    - MIDI interface for remote effects selection
    - Includes quad footswitch FS114 for effects switching


Pick #2 - Marshall AS50D

Here is the next step up in price. It's evidence that the Marshall team has more than just heavy metal artists, rockers and blues lovers. They also build electric acoustic guitar amps.

It also features great digital effects and the XLR input phantom powered microphone channel for mixing your vocals independently of your guitar. Each of two channels has its own volume, EQ, FX loop, and Digital interface output. Master volume, line out and RCA inputs round things out nicely. My experience with this amp is through a friend named Rodney who loves his. It offers a good comparison to the ACX1000 from Behringer and for some Marshall purists, may be the preferred choice when it comes to electric acoustic guitar amps.


    - Output (RMS): 50 watt
    - Channels: 2
    - Speakers: 2 x 8"
    - Volume: 1 per channel
    - Independent EQ for each channel
    - Microphone input
    - Phase switch
    - Phantom Power
    - RCA Inputs
    - Anti-feedback notch filter
    - Channel Assignable Chorus
    - Digital Reverb
    - Master volume
    - FX loop
    - D.I. Outputs
    - Line Out
    - Polydome Tweeter
    - Dimensions: 21.34" x 16.38" x 10.28" (542 x 416 x 261 mm) Weight: 35.3" (16 kg)

ibanez ta20

Pick #3 - Ibanez Troubadour TA20

This is the lowest priced of the electric acoustic guitar amps, making it the entry level version in this class of gear. You still get decent effects, like chorus, reverb and a line out. Line out increase yours options for sound reinforcement.

This would be a good choice if you play with a band and generally need to hear yourself but have a PA system to handle front of house.


    - 12-5/8"W x 14-1/4"H x 10-1/2"D
    - 20 lbs.
    - 20W
    - 8" custom-made coaxial speaker
    - 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange
    - Internal limiter
    - Switchable chorus with speed and depth control
    - Reverb with level control
    - Line out
    - Sealed back cabinet

Pick #4

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Electric Acoustic Guitar Amps

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