Country wedding songs offer great choices

Country wedding songs are some of the best to choose for your special day. Not long ago wedding songs in a country style were not as popular as they are today. But considering the huge transformation of country music in the past decade it's not surprising to find more couples picking their wedding music with country songs in mind.

Add to that the lyrical content of a heart-warming love story, it's not hard to see how this type of song has become the choice of many couples. In fact some of the biggest selling hits the past few years have been great feature songs at weddings.

Do you want words sung or are you more comfortable with an instrumental only choice for your wedding music? Do you include the songs in your wedding ceremony or just your reception?

Fortunately there is no right or wrong answer – whatever you decide is perfect for your wedding. Just make sure you think about it to avoid an untimely surprise.

Forever and Ever Amen – here's a great song with the right message – the one you want everyone at your wedding to hear – you're in it to win it – for the long run. You are done with looking around, trying the dating game is past. Today, this is forever and ever, amen. Even getting older doesn't get in your way because you learn to love each other more.

When You Say Nothing At All – here is a wedding favorite often requested for ceremony music. When two people are in love sometimes what is not said is more important than what is.

From This Moment On – the Shania Twain super-hit. Here's a wedding song you could use for your vows as a starter or as the main message. In a ceremony, you may request this is a follow up to your vows, or perhaps to accompany the unity candle.

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Country wedding songs

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