Classical Guitar Wedding Music - what it is and why it matters

What It Is

Classical guitar wedding music is different than acoustic guitar wedding music. Its sound is more subdued because the strings are made of nylon, not steel. This means whatever is played won't ring as long or sound as bright. However, that does not mean you will be disappointed or have to settle for less than great music.

The strings can still be plucked for accents and a more punchy tone. Just realize it is more subtle than the steel sound. The neck is wider and that makes single notes a little easier to play with larger hands. In my recollection there are no dots like on a steel string guitar either.

The style of music is different as there is a specific genre for classical guitar. Steel string players convert this to their instruments along with many other styles when it comes to the wedding performance.

Another observation is that classical guitarists train differently than steel string acoustic guitar players. They read music by note instead of the very popular tab approach. This suggests that their learning has been more focused around a specific style and technique instead of a more general approach that includes the tab literature.

Why It Matters

The reason it matters is because a choice to select a classical guitarist for your wedding ceremony music may limit your overall choices for songs. Of course this is not good or bad, just something to be aware of. Certainly if you are one who has studied classical music this could be your preference and that is fine.

My only concern in telling you this is so you won't be surprised should you later request a style that classical guitarists don't readily embrace. Not that exceptions can't be made, but this may steer you to pick a guitarist with a more general approach to playing styles.

That said, a classical guitarist has the option of adding to their repertoire just as the acoustic guitar musicians have been doing all along.

Classical Guitar Wedding Music

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