Chords To Wedding Songs

Now you can play chords to wedding songs. Whether you need help with

where to put your fingers or just a chord chart and some words, it's here on this page.

Playing chords to wedding songs makes it possible to begin building your own repertoire for acoustic guitar weddings.

The C Major Guitar Chord

C major guitar chord

The C major chord is the root chord when playing in the key of C major. The beginning, or key for chords of the song "From This Moment".

It is shown here in first position and is a favorite of acoustic guitar players everywhere. When playing take care that the index finger is holding firm and the string is not buzzing.

The D Major Guitar Chord

D major guitar chord

The D major chord is pretty popular among beginning guitar players. Three fingers next to each other on three strings make it an ideal chord to learn early as fingers are gaining strength. It is the root chord of the key of D major which is an excellent key for songs with guitar as the lead instrument.

The E Major Guitar Chord

e major guitar chord

The E major chord is the home base 1st position of the guitar. It would be a staggering fact to know the how many songs have been written that are played in the key of E starting on the E chord. When you play it press your index finger hard so that no buzzing occurs.

The E Minor Guitar Chord

The E minor chord is a pretty sounding chord. It will soun different or sad because the 3rd interval will be flattened. That's true for all minor chords to wedding songs, but this chord takes only two fingers to play.

The F# Major Guitar Chord

F# major guitar chord

The F# major chord is like E up two frets. It takes hand strength to play the E chord with fingers 2, 3, and 4 while barring with your first finger.

The F# Minor Guitar Chord

F# minor guitar chord

The F# minor chord is harder because in addition to the 2 fingers you have to either barre or hold down specific strings.

The G Major Guitar Chord

G Major Guitar Chord

The G major chord is also a favorite. The guitar lends itself well to the key of G. It's a good stretch across the neck. As your hand gets stronger try using your fourth finger, (the little one). to reach the 3rd fret on the E string.

The A Major Guitar chord

A Major Guitar Chord

The A major chord looks like three fingers side by side. Try 2, 3, and 4 or fingers 1, 2, and 3. Along with the D and E chords to wedding songs, you can play a lot of songs.

The B Major Guitar Chord

B Major Guitar Chorrd

From This Moment

by Shania Twain

  G D
From this  moment, life has begu n

  C D
From this  moment,  you are the one

  C G
Right  beside you is where I be long

Am D G
From this  moment  on

Verse 2

  G D
From this  moment, I have been  blessed

  C D
I live  only for  your happiness

  C G
And for  your love, I'd give my last  breath

Am D C
From this  moment  on

Chorus 1

  G C
give my hand to you with all my  heart

  D G
Can't  wait to live my live my life with you, can't w ait to start

  G C
  You and I will never be a part

  Em C G D
My  dreams came  true  because of  you

Verse 3

  A E
From this  moment, as long I  live

  D E
I will l ove you, I p romise you this

  D A
There is n othing I wouldn't  give

  Bm E D
  From this  moment  on


  A F#m D E

Chorus 2

  A D
  You're the reason I believe in  love

  E A
  And you're the answer to my prayers from  up above

  A D
  All we need is just the two of u s

  F#m D E
My d reams came  true because of  you ( pause )

Verse 4

B F#
From this  moment, as long as I  live

E F#
I will  love you, I  promise you this

  E B
There is  nothing I wouldn't  give

  C#m F#
  From this  moment

  E B
I will l ove you as long as I l ive

  C#m F# E B F# B
  From this  moment  on          


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