African American Wedding Songs For You

Here's a list of popular African American wedding songs, according to Urban Daily.

When you're planning your wedding ceremony music, here are some first dance or ceremony prelude options you should consider adding.

While African American Wedding Songs are not exclusive to anyone's list these selections represent some great love songs. A wedding is where people love to hear great love songs. People expect to hear songs of passion, expressing special love for that special person, their mate.

Kenny Lattimore – “For You”

This is a love song that should be on every DJ's play list. Filled with romance and pure emotion the lyrics express love to the bride. Watch what happens if the groom starts whispering the lyrics to his bride..

Luther Vandross – “Here And Now”

With Luther, as R&B’s constant male swooner, the lyrics to this song sound like wedding vows. “Here and now/I promise to love faithfully /You’re all I need”. It's what makes weddings popular events that create lifelong memories. Two people becoming one engage our imaginations for what can our very best lives waiting just ahead.

Monica – “Angel of Mine”

This song has the universal theme of learning to love someone for their spirit before their physical attractiveness. Monica sings about having a spiritual connection first, which is refreshing these days. At a wedding you want to know the Bride and Groom are in it for more than just their temporary good looks.

Prince – “Adore”

"Until the end of time I'll be there for you." Now this is the way to a woman's heart, just be there. Good song, and a great sentiment to start a lifetime love. What woman doesn't want to be adored by her man? What man isn't happier adoring only one woman?

Sade – “No Ordinary Love”

Sade’s first single from her fourth album has been a wedding staple since its release in 1992. Here's why. With a lyric like "I gave you all the love I got I gave you more than I could give." love is laid on the line - no excuses remain. These are emotions you can identify with.

Anita Baker – “Sweet Love”

Anita Baker is the queen of love songs. Her companion king of love songs should be Luther Vandross. With “Sweet Love,” Anita plays the role of a woman unshamed to say how much she loves her man. “Sweet Love” illustrates that a true marriage is a partnership based on love and commitment.

Michael Jackson – “Lady In My Life”

No matter how you look at it, this song is beautiful. Michael Jackson goes in about the woman he longs to spend the rest of his life with. The song begins with sweet whispers of love and mounts in intensity until MJ is hollering, ” I love you. I love you. I need you. I want you, Babe!” what more needs to be said? “I do.”

K-Ci and JoJo – “All My Life”

Released in 2001, the lyric is all about loyalty to one lover. Now that's what you expect to hear at a wedding. In fact the writer has "prayed for someone like you". Have you heard this one a lot at weddings? No wonder - great message and sentiment, plus it's got an easy danceable flow-like beat that makes it a real crowd pleaser.

Eric Benet and Tamia – “Spend My Life With You”

This love song is about being comfortable in your relationship. “Spend My Life With You” celebrates simple things like waking up next to each other and looking into each other’s eyes. Eric Benet and Tamia’s duet is sure to continue to be an African American Wedding Songs classic wedding ballad for a very long time.

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross – “Endless Love"

A truly great wedding song that Lionel Richie and Diana Ross recorded together. The arrangement makes you wish for that kind of love, “Endless Love”. If you have it you are inspired all over again to hold on to it forever.


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