Acoustic Guitar Wedding Songs

Are you wondering where to start planning your acoustic guitar wedding music? Planning the wedding, the music and all the events of the day can be overwhelming. So I've summarized the main musical events.

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Typical Wedding Ceremony Music Elements

Prelude - This can be 20 - 30 minutes of instrumental music, songs, even recorded music. It helps to bring people into the mood of the ceremony. Some people listen. Others chat quietly while the Ushers seat the guests.

Processional - This is the main event for the Bride and most of the wedding guests. There is something almost magical about this part of the ceremony. The musical contribution is critical at this point. Usually something stately and triumphant sounding provide a perfect compliment to this part of the ceremony.

Candle Lighting - Definitely a high point emotionally of a traditional religious ceremony, where the Unity candle is lit, representing the idea that any successful marriage consists of looking to God for help. The acoustic guitar music at this point may consist of a song telling the story of commitment to each other under God's guidance.

Recessional - The end. The Bride and Groom leave the ceremony, now as Husband and Wife. It's a big deal - their first walk together. The music should be something that suggests movement, victory, accomplishment, yet hint at the newness and mystery of spending the rest of two people's lives as one.

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