Acoustic Guitar Tab Increases Your Repertoire

As a wedding musician being able to increase my repertoire is important. Playing acoustic guitar tab is a great way to do that.

acoustic guitar tab

Of course there are other ways – listening to recordings works too, but takes a lot of time. One reason acoustic guitar tab is helpful is because it is faster than mastering the skill of reading music. And matching notes on the staff to finger position is another required skill that tab playing does not require.

Being a visual learner can make a huge difference too. Pictures simplify learning. Being able to see the “notes” depicted as dots on lines helps you see the patterns and where to place your fingers. Then it's just a matter of getting your right hand to do what your mind sees.

I don't mean to make that sound like an easy thing. Consider the various studies that have been written just for learning to master the right hand. But finding a way to improve how you learn to read music can make a big difference in the time learning to play guitar requires.

Another great learning tool is a metronome. A metronome is a device that counts the beats of the measure for you. It is natural that some parts of a song are easier than others. Those easy parts you will tend to play faster than the harder parts. But a metronome is constant helping you to learn to play a consistent tempo.

Playing with a steady beat consistently is one thing you can do to improve your playing. Take your time and learn slowly. Playing tabs with a metronome can increase your repertoire and shorten your learning curve.

Finding tabs in getting easier all the time. There are many fine sites available where people contribute and your only investment is signing on with your own personalized account.

Sheet music sites offer whatever you can't find for free and some offer the option of changing the key. That makes the song easier to play.

acoustic guitar tab

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