The Acceptance of Acoustic Guitar Music

Acoustic Guitar Music has recently become its own genre. After centuries of folk music and classical music being the two main categories, that has all changed in the past decade or so.

As a wedding musician, keeping up with potential repertoire is no longer just being familiar with a couple styles of music. In the past few years I’ve had requests for Coldplay, bluegrass, country, classical, fingerstyle and flatpicking.

The music has become whatever the couple wants. Basically, if you can pick out the tune and tab some chords it is a candidate for acoustic guitar music. That is great news for acoustic guitar players.

More to Learn

But it makes learning to play the guitar more difficult in that there is so much more to master. That’s true if you would like to do more than learn chords for the purpose of providing accompaniment only. There is right hand and left hand technique. Each must be part of a disciplined practice routine in order to progress.

Scales help the guitar player start to think in terms of melodies and how to form them.

Music theory is critical in learning to arrange your own songs. Reading notes can be a real boost when you want to increase your repertoire. Practicing with a metronome is a basic way to learn tempo and very critical when learning to play solo.

More to Hear

Listening to recordings is an important skill to learn also. It used to be that guitar players would seek teachers who could provide guidance in one or the other: playing by ear or traditional music reading.

Both have blended together the past several years with the number of styles becoming popular in all guitar music.

Of course - at the end of all this comes finding your own style. Maybe it’s a combination of everything I’ve mentioned or maybe it’s a focus on one particular type of music. Classical guitar lends itself to this focus even more than steel string in my view.

Remember that whatever your choice, make sure you have fun.

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