Acoustic Guitar Lesson: What you Need and Why

Why are lessons important?

Taking an acoustic guitar lesson is important if you have a goal to improve your playing. Not everyone does. You may feel that you play at a level that makes you comfortable. Good for you.

But if you’d like to learn more then you have some thinking to do. Today with the internet offering online lessons, would this work for you? Or would a more traditional approach work better? Are you the kind of person who does better with someone checking up on you, offering you accountability for the goals you have?

What kind of learner are you?

When you were in school some subjects may have been easier to master than others. For me, math was a challenge. And it frustrated me until I learned my real problem was how I was taught, not the subject matter itself.

Music can be like this. Some people play only by ear and they become confused, overwhelmed and disinterested when a more traditional approach is attempted. But most people can learn a musical instrument by taking small steps and building slowly. This is the approach by the traditional from of teaching and benefits many students.

Acoustic guitar lesson taking is no different. Their should be demonstration, instruction and repeated practice for right hand activities, left hand activities, and putting those together to play a song.

What are the basics?

The basics you need to know are chords, right hand technique for playing in rhythm. But there are many approaches to learning the basics. Before you can learn chords you should learn how to hold the guitar.

That might not seem important, but it is especially when you are just starting. Where to start with chords can be answered by the help of a real live teacher - one you can speak with and get instant feedback.

Don't forget these easy to remember guidelines to improve your guitar playing.

Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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