Acoustic Guitar Weddings

. . .music that lifts you up. . .

Acoustic guitar weddings connects you with the music that lifts you up. Let's face it, acoustic guitar and wedding music absolutely belong together.

Music that lifts YOU up

The guitar evokes ageless memories.

Its pure sound transcends time and connects generations.

Its portability makes it the singer's instrument of choice for accompaniment.

Its popularity makes it the perfect wedding ceremony instrument.

Its solo capabilities make it easy to identify and enjoy.

Weddings provide opportunities for people to celebrate and communicate.

In our fast changing world they remain as one lasting tradition to connect us with what has gone before. No matter the setting they help to center us and those we love.

Weddings help us enter into a new season of life - like on ramps to lifelong companionship and family harmony.

Planning your wedding music may be harder than it sounds. Sometimes you try to please everyone else. I want to provide music that lifts you up. If you have a wonderful day, all the others you want to honor will as well.

Use the free information here to help create a dream come true and delight family and friends. You're busy, you have a lot to do to prepare for your big day.

But when it comes to music, you can relax. Find help choosing songs to create a wonderful memory of beginning your new lives together. Providing music that lifts you up is what this site is all about.

No more painful auditions, missed appointments, or attempts to be kind without hurting the feelings of family or friends.

Committing your life to someone is a huge step. No matter how strong your feelings taking care of all the details that a wedding involves can be overwhelming.

This website has grown out of my experiences playing and singing for weddings. Over the last 20 years I've offered customized song arrangements, vocal or instrumental, featuring the acoustic guitar. I help create wonderful wedding memories.

I currently offer my one-of-a-kind acoustic guitar wedding services in the beautiful and historic Winchester, Virginia region.

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